The Secret of Life? Enjoy the Ride.

Transform Your Life

Imagine you could meet a teacher who has transformed themself. In their quest to awaken spiritually, they created a roadmap.

And they make this roadmap available to aide you in rising above obstacles holding you back from thriving financially, in your relationships, health and living with passion.

If such a teacher existed, would you choose to transform your life?

The good news is that the teacher exists and he has many roadmaps to help you in your quest to live a life of purpose.

Punnu Wasu is a gifted Kirtan master, meditation teacher and energy worker. Through his practical, down-to-earth techniques - which utilises ancient wisdom and life experiences - he is able to offer you several roadmaps to help you transform all areas of your life.

Come Together, Learn Online With Punnu

Whether you intend to practice as a holistic teacher or wish to heal and restore your being at a deep soul level, learning online can be a great way to connect with like minds while in the comforts of your home. From Reiki, to meditation, to sound healing, discover Punnu's online courses to help you heal spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Blissful Punnu Wasu Events

Eager to dive deeper into sound healing, meditation, Reiki or spiritual development? Then our global events are for you. Meet amazing people, experience life-changing transformations and pure bliss at a Punnu Wasu event.

"It was my honour to meet you, Punnu. I’ve got the guideline in your spiritual awakening course I’ve looked for years. Punnu, thank you so much for showing me another way of moving. I will do all my best. I can’t wait to see you again. Thank you so much for being the person who changed me."