Refund Policy


Deposits are non-refundable but fully transferrable to any of Punnu’s future course/workshop/training. If you cannot transfer to another course/workshop/training, a refund of everything minus the deposit will be given.


A refund of everything minus the non-refundable but fully transferrable deposit will be issued if the participant has to cancel or course/workshop/training has to be postponed/cancelled due to the current situation. Full amount can also be transferred to any of Punnu’s future


In case of hindrances to participate in a course/workshop/training the participant has always the possibility to look for a replacement. Full contact details incl. first name, last name and email address of the person who will join instead must be sent by email.

Classes, which have not been visited cannot be recovered at a later time nor will be refunded. Moreover, there will be no entitlement for a discount or refund in case of absence (due to sickness, job-related and other reasons) or any kind of interruption of the course/workshop/training by the participant.


All insurances (incl. health, travel & liability) are the responsibility of the participant.Teachers and assistants shall not be held liable for any damage, or loss/theft of property or injury to persons.