Singing Workshop

Unleash Your Inner Voice

New Dates TBD

Join Kirtan Master Punnu Singh Wasu and Drupad Master Amit Sharma Bandhavi for a unique vocal activation and sacred mantra journey.

Immerse yourself deeply in the ocean of sound, singing and chanting ancient mantras. Through vocal activation, right rhythm, proper pronunciation of repeated recitation of powerful mantras and singing sacred sound over a longer period of time a wonderful meditative space will be created.

The soulful voices and meditative power of Amit and Punnu will give you a unique experience.

Everybody is welcome to join.

Meet Your Trainers
Amit Sharma Bandhavi is a Dhrupad singer (old Indian classical music) and comes from a traditional family of musicians, the Sadhu Baba Gharana. As a son of Brahmin he has Sanskrit recitations and Vedic mantras in his blood. He learned Dhrupad from childhood with his grandfather Kanheya Lal Bandhavi – a court singer at the royal court of Rewa Madhya Pradesh – and has performed with him countless times.

Amit has a very intensive singing training behind him, which includes Pranayam Yoga & Sound Yoga. On 7 days of the week, he sang for several years between six and ten hours.

Furthermore, he also learned Tabla and Dholak (percussion instruments), rhythmic improvisations and Leykari in singing are therefore his specialties. He has an incredible feeling for rhythmic improvisations and especially Upaj, the improvisation in the song part, which is very entertaining.

He has performed at countless festivals in India as well as before King Maharaj Marten Singh several times. Moreover, he has received various awards and honorary titles. Since 2012 he has lived in Zurich, Switzerland and runs a music studio. To find out more about Amit, please check his website.

Punnu Singh Wasu is an Indian vocalist, musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He was born and raised in Hyderabad into a family that has a true love for Kirtan (devotional music) and spirituality. He began studying harmonium and singing at the tender age of 5. At age 10, he moved on to learning Hindustani (Indian Classical Music) while travelling with his father throughout India singing the beautiful verses of Kirtan.

Later on, his knowledge of mandolin and tabla became his focal point. Nowadays he performs Kirtan, Xtatic Kirtan, Indian Fusion, Indian Classical music, Sufi, Bollywood music as well as Sound Healing around the world and he has his own Kirtan Academy – Bhakti Bliss and Sound Healing Academy.

Further Information
All online singing classes are offered on weekends and hosted by Yoga East West. More dates will follow soon – stay tuned! No instruments are required.

Price: USD 25 (single spots)
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Please contact us if you have any questions.

It was no coincidence that I participated in your Kirtan Academy, that’s for sure. From the very first moment I was so touched and overwhelmed. I was so happy that I made the decision to join your 5-day training. I have never been to such an amazing workshop, with so much passion and love put together and I could really feel the high level of energy & love. This is magical work you’re doing. This training made such an impact on me and I had such a magical time.