Psychic Surgery

What Is Psychic Surgery?

Negative psychic energy, which is usually composed of negative thoughts and feelings, block the flow of life force and can often encourage disease. This non-physical negative energy forms into clumps with a particular shape and lodges itself in or around the physical organs, chakras or in the aura. It can be removed using Psychic Surgery which is a completely non-invasive technique.

Benefits of Psychic Surgery
Healing takes place mainly on the innermost layer of the human aura. Changes made in the etheric body are later manifested into the physical body.

This technique can be used to facilitate the healing of issues including physical health problems, career and money problems, emotional difficulties, relationships, addictions, mental problems and spiritual problems.

Punnu's interest in spirituality, healing and meditation formed in his early years as he was influenced by his father and other Indian masters. He has studied a variety of different spiritual practices and holistic healing modalities in India, Philippines, Russia, Indonesia and USA.

Punnu is a Grand Master in Reiki and has almost over 30 years of experience. He offers various holistic healing modalities on a daily basis and teaches Reiki training (Level I – Grand Master in the tradition of Dr Mikao Usui Sensei) on a regular basis.

When booking a private appointment with Punnu, you can request a specific modality.

Private Session
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: USD 250/EUR 220/CHF 230

My experience from the Oneness Awakening Course lead me to seek additional pranic healing and Reiki sessions with Punnu that have helped me to feel calm and cleansed and light. He is easily the most intuitive, empathetic and talented person I have ever met. His healing energy is so unconditionally loving, nurturing and playful that your soul instinctively seeks the nourishment it requires from him - and he willingly and magically provides it.

Marissa Miller, Australia