I am deeply blessed to have just completed my Grand Masters Reiki with Punnu and Catherine. It is a great service these two light filled beings are providing to the whole, continuing to open and strengthen a path that is readily available to each and everyone of us. Reiki empowers us to understand clearly our divine right for love and peace, our right to bliss directly connected. Reiki also enables an embodiment of universal truth including that love is the universal currency and everything else is blockage. The training with these two Masters sets alight a gentle flame within each participant and thus between helping to burn and clear the blockage that prevents us from seeing truth and feeling divine light and love – this is our birth right! The training combines gentleness, safety and discipline within a container of transformation. It is my hope that this will be shared with all of humanity. From a background as a Sustainability Academic working on global issues with Corporates I have experienced deep despair at the imbalance on Mother Earth. I can now see great hope in how Reiki will serve the whole lifting all life into the heights in which we all belong.

Dr Natalie McGrath, Australia, January, 2019

Punnu Wasu is, in my opinion, an exceptional spiritual teacher, healer, and guide. I spent a very intensive week under his tutelage for Reiki Master level and learned far, far more than expected. He takes care that every step is fully understood by his students and offers practice to make sure that the information is internalized. Punnu lives what he teaches and teaches by example. At times I felt that magic was happening! I could see an immediate change in how I am living in the world. Punnu also teaches the Oneness Blessing courses and is a Healer of the highest degree. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have met him and am telling all of my friends and colleagues about him as he does not ‘toot his own horn.’ Namaste to all.

Diane Sova, USA Global Citizen Ambassador, July, 2015

It was my honour to meet you, Punnu. I’ve got the guideline in your spiritual awakening course I’ve looked for years. Punnu, thank you so much for showing me another way of moving. I will do all my best. I can’t wait to see you again. Thank you so much for being the person who changed me.

Roman Cherstvov, USA, August, 2018

When I first started coming to Kirtan, there was a sense that I could experience just ‘so much’ joy, and a big sense that there was a lot more out there than I was experiencing. Kirtan has helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level, and has also connected me to an ecstasy that is like ‘wow’! Punnu is a brilliant Kirtan leader, who has the ability to take a group into a deep stillness, while at the same time experiencing an ecstatic high. You guys ROCK!

Premananda Saraswati, Australia, 2010

Kirtan with Punnu has been an uplifting experience! Chanting, dancing and jamming with him is like medicine for the heart. Love and Happiness emanates from him through his devotional chanting. Thank you for being part of my life.

Carlos Romero, Venezuela/Bali, 2010 Livin’ Inspired

The Punnu Wasu Band… is a blissful experience immersed in the magic and beauty of Bali! So wonderful to know the wisdom of the chants through Punnu’s transmission.

Daphne Tse, USA, 2010

Your music at bhakti fest was transformational. What a blessing to share your gift. Thank you!

Lisa Saul, USA, 2011

Thank you for being a beneficial presence on this planet Punnu. A great pleasure to connect with you. Lots to look forward to on the journey ahead. Yours in Bhav, Shiva.

Shiva Baum, USA, 2011

Recently I accepted a life-changing present from the Universe while I was on holiday in Ubud. Meeting Punnu Wasu is without a doubt the greatest most unexpected gift I have received. It started during his Shuksuma yoga class at The Yoga Barn. Exposure to different breathing techniques during his class opened up something within me – I experienced a much deeper meditative state and release than I had ever believed possible through yoga. At the completion of the class I felt somehow ‘different’ and instinctively began manifesting areas of personal growth that I wanted to focus on. After ending the class, Punnu briefly announced the impending Oneness Awakening Course he was facilitating and his description of the course directly addressed all of the areas I had literally just decided to focus on. Needless to say I registered for his course immediately! Participation in the Oneness Awakening Course has without a doubt transformed my life. I opened up and experienced healing on levels I was previously unable to comprehend. Connecting to my personal Divine has liberated me from my past and thus so much unnecessary pain. I now experience daily love and gratitude I never considered possible. I have found my faith and now I feel peace. I have so much love and energy to share with others in my life. My experience from the Oneness Awakening Course lead me to seek additional pranic healing and Reiki sessions with Punnu that have helped me to feel calm and cleansed and light. He is easily the most intuitive, empathetic and talented person I have ever met. His healing energy is so unconditionally loving, nurturing and playful that your soul instinctively seeks the nourishment it requires from him – and he willingly and magically provides it.

Marissa Miller, Australia, 2013

The Oneness Awakening Course was an incredible experience I know I will hold closely for the rest of my life.

Going into the course I was worried it might go for too long or be a bit too dry with content however Punnu’s hilarious and jolly nature, coupled with his funny and inspiring Indian fables and stories make the time literally fly by.

I can’t recommend this enough – it was the highlight of my entire trip to Bali! The Ananda Mandala meditation felt like a psychedelic roller coaster of intense raw electric energy!

Without a doubt the most powerful mediation I have ever come across or attempted and I know everyone that attends always agrees with this sentiment.

Whether you begin laughing uncontrollably as if you were back in school with your class mates or begin to cry in a beautiful emotional release during the work, one thing is for sure, you will get the results your inner self is seeking whether you like it or not!

For thrill seekers, sceptics and meditation fanatics alike>… no one including myself comes out of that psychic whirl pool disappointed!

Heath Werrett, Australia, February, 2015

I left a session with Punnu – my body was buzzing and there was an incredible energy charging around my body. I almost felt like i was floating. Surrender is the key to a successful session. I felt able to just let go. The energy is amazing. I feel totally charged it is so powerful, what an amazing man. With Gratitude.

Leine Ireland, Hong Kong, 2013

Punnu’s Ananda Mandala meditation has enriched my life. When do I have the opportunity in my daily life to experience an emotional cocktail within 30 minutes only? There were senses of joy, anger, connectedness, emptiness & helplessness etc. It was wonderful to release all my emotional feelings during this unique meditation.

Olivier Brandenberg, Switzerland, 2014

I am so grateful to you Punnu for your guidance in today’s meditation class. I have never reached that depth before. Understandings of so many things, for example the way Balinese temples reach to the sky, to spirit, the universe – vivid amethyst crystals, extremely of violet colour. Thank you for today, you are an inspiration! It was amazing to have your father’s presence as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love & light.

Floyd, Canada, 2014

I have had the honour to meet Punnu one afternoon at The Yoga Barn in January 2015 when I attended his Ananda Mandala meditation class. I just sat down and listened to the introduction that he was giving and already I had goosebumps all over my body: I knew that was a good sign. The experience of Ananda Mandala itself was extraordinary, it took me almost 2 hours to get back completely from the state of bliss I reached in such a short time. However the most rewarding thing of this joyful encounter was to discover that behind the work that he is doing there is an attitude of utmost love and respect for the divine nature hidden in every single person together with years of study and experience. Following the meditation I have attended other workshops he was having, Reiki and Oneness Awakening course, also I have received therapies from him. All activities are done in a very effective and professional way, therefore I would recommend everyone to really trust and try to go deeper with him. You will be very amazed. Thank you Punnu. Love and blessings.

Iuri, Spain, February, 2015

Meeting Punnu was a most unexpected part of my visit to Bali but now I know it was the reason I was meant to be here. I first met him taking a couple of his Ananda Mandala meditation classes and each time he led us through the most incredible, raw, energetic, divine, crazy meditations. It left me with an almost indescribable feeling and everyone who I spoke to in the room felt the same way. It led me to also take his 2 day oneness awaking course. Punnu is such a cheerful, warm and compassionate teacher. The sessions were transformative and healing. I have shifted a lot in such a short time here. So unexpected and I am so grateful for his blessings and efforts to help me in such a way. I now feel connected to my divine. I also still keep hearing his words as I look to the future DO THE WORK! Thanks Punnu, you are the real deal.

Tony Mims, Australia, March, 2015

I attended the Reiki Level 1 Training with Punnu in March 2015, which was a wonderful enriching experience. The training was very well organised, in-depth, informative and practical at the same time. Punnu was very professional, open minded and inspirational and he helped me understand the power of Reiki, showing me how to practice and use it on my clients. He has a very big heart, is well experienced in dealing with people and hold special healing powers. I also attended one of Punnu’s meditation class, which was as mind blowing, cleansing experience, helping me to release pressure and emotions I was dealing with at that time. Without his class I would have not been able to undergo the emotional detox I needed in order to heal my open wounds as much as I did after having been there. I thank Punnu from the bottom of my heart and am looking forward to taking more classes as well as his healing treatments as soon as I am back in Bali!

Vivienne Dübbert, Germany, April, 2015

Dear Punnu, I am writing to express my gratitude for the Kirtan this past Sunday. You and your band have a wonderful presence – powerfully devotional and very inviting of my heart to open and sing. There were many things I particularly enjoyed: the beautiful flute, amazing drummer, your father’s soulful singing as well as the female soloist. I really enjoyed the selection of songs/chants, many of which were new to me but unintimidating as you kindly went over pronunciation. Best of all I liked your singing and harmonium playing and dancing at the end. I left feeling filled with joy and devotion. I will look forward to returning each Sunday.

Heidi Van Campen, USA, April, 2015

I have attended many Kirtans in Australia over the years and I have to say that I have never felt such authenticity of Kirtan of the Punnu Wasu band at The Yoga Barn. I thoroughly enjoy this Kirtan so much. Every time I come to Ubud, Punnu’s heartfelt energy is supreme and of divine nature. I have such deep heartfelt gratitude.

Beny Jah Love, Australia, April, 2015

Wonderful wonderful recharging night… never expected music can be such a strong power to heal… it is the best ever part of my traveling to Ubud so far… feeling blessed with Punnu Wasu and his musician friends.

Rachel Cat Wang, China, April, 2015

The first time I did the Oneness Meditation at the Yoga Barn with Punnu I was blown away. I was not expecting to go so deep, so quickly. I thought, Ahh, Meditation, I’ll go and relax. I had no idea I would be using breathing techniques to help me get to my center, and in doing so closer to my true Self. The physical and energetic effects are intense, and immediate.

Erick Joseph, USA, May, 2015 SeeBeNow

Punnu Wasu is an extraordinary healer. I had the opportunity to do his “Ananda Mandala” meditation, which was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Initially, I felt the things that were holding me back being released out of my body, I hadn’t realised I was holding onto so many painful memories. Physically, once I let go I was surrounded by what I can only describe as pure “Bliss”. I felt beautiful and the lightness and sensations through my body were euphoric. I also did the 2 days Oneness Awakening Course with Punnu, which only heightened my experience. Connecting with my divine and healing internal, negative beliefs is something everyone should experience. I have now healed relationships, myself and those around me… 🙂 Punnu is devoted to healing and delivers a highly professional service. Your well-being and satisfaction is his main goal. He is a remarkable human, heart centred and humble.

Kerry Clancey, Australia, May, 2015 Consultancy – Intuitive & Spiritual Counselling – Health & Wellbeing

WOW! What a transformative couple of days! I had the pleasure of delving even deeper into my spiritual practice and myself over this super full moon, by attending a very deep transformative program called Oneness Awakening course with an incredible Guru and teacher called Punnu here in Ubud. It has taken me a whole day to continue the process of detachment, magic, self-expression and oneness (and I’m certain this process will continue until I leave this planet) to find some words to express what I have experienced. I gained many things over these two days but the biggest takeaway for me was remembering and becoming familiar with the power that lives deep within my being. The power that has nothing to do with my human body or anything really explainable but the deep magic that lives within me (and within us all) that has been whispering in my ear all day, telling me how magnificent the work is I am here to do.

Charlene Brown, Australia, October, 2015

I want to thank you, again and again for this wonderful and beautiful Oneness Awakening course. Being together these two days with all of you was for sure life changing and helped me understanding and accepting, the most important steps before change and growth can follow. You’re in my heart! Lots of love.

Sigrid Kreuzwirth, Austria, August, 2015

Dear Punnu, Words cannot describe how I am eternally grateful, eternally filled with appreciation for giving me the possibility to participate in your 2-day Oneness Awakening course in September 2015 and be initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver. To have the opportunity of being with other people, for letting me share all that I hold without any limitations and for receiving such amazing knowledge has been the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given me. And so, now that I know what I know; and know where and how to work and what to focus on, the work continues with hope and joy that one day I will transform my destruction and hatred of how things are and of my self in to constructive loving ways for me and everyone around me. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY IN GOD’S MIND and I cling now to my Divine Father that I will repair, with his help, my mistakes and I will show my parents how much I love them!!! POR MI VENEZUELA QUERIDA Y POR ESTE PLANETA TIERRA QUE QUIERO TANTO! I love you truly from the deepest of my heart. With gratitude and love.

Claudia Ochoa, Bali/Venezuela, October, 2015

Hey Punnu, So nice to come back to your classes yesterday. I just wanted to tell you that in every class I come to of yours something magical happens… if not for me then for others in the class. The classes are wonderful experiences and I feel I have grown a lot since I first did your 2 day Oneness Awakening course. Before I did your course I dabbled in meditation, preferring yoga asana. But since the course and the powerful experiences I had with Ananda mandala, something shifted for me and I realised that yoga without daily meditation is not yoga. What your course did was to awaken me to the knowledge that meditation is the way to self realisation, and to find true happiness and experience joy for no reason other than to simply experience it. Thanks to you for your gifts and thanks to the Divine. God bless.

Graeme McLennan, New Zealand, March, 2016

Dear Punnu, I have been to three of your classes – sound healing, meditation and Reiki. All have been amazing! I have enjoyed your personal style which for me is a rich blend of support, encouragement, challenge, wisdom and love; all imparted with generous splatters of a playful, cheeky humour. All the classes have contributed in some way to healing some aspect of my being. The sound healing was, as you described in the introduction, a journey. The music drew inspiration from traditional Indian to contemporary Western – a rich variety of sound, which inspired within me a joyful and relaxed state of mind and body. This relaxation then allowed for a cathartic opening of energy channels – especially evident during the Indian raga type music with its hypnotic dwoops, clangs, bing-dings, tinkles and beats. The renditions of Hallelujah and Freedom (You know how I Feel) were simply beautiful and brought to my heart such bittersweet feelings of joy, yearning and sadness. Your meditation classes have given me fresh insights into the nature of the energetic body (Chakra and Nadis System). More than this I feel I have a beautiful compliment to my usual meditation of simply sitting and observing the flow of thoughts and bodily sensations. It was for me a clear and powerful way of promoting a purification of the energetic body. During the meditation I experienced shaking of the body and coughing. This was accompanied by a feeling of energy rising up through the system to culminate as a blissful tingling in the Crown Chakra. After both the sessions I attended I felt deliciously peaceful and calm. You ran the Reiki course I recently attended with enormous care and respect for the trainees. This, along with the reverence you have for the divine beings who enshrine the process with guidance and love, promotes a palpable Aura of Celestial Holiness within the training room. The Transmission I received was very powerful. Although the initial current of bliss and joy has subsided somewhat, I am aware of a subtle yet significant increase in the energetic current within the body. This is accompanied by a greater sense of calm and stillness. So thank you Punnu for all the gifts you have imparted to me and I heartily recommend all of your above mentioned classes. With Love and Gratitude.

Glen Hutcheson, Australia, April, 2016

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have learned meditation and Reiki alongside Punnu; my life has transformed greatly in recent years. In the past, I was actually a very tense person, constantly living in an anxious and nervous state, which ultimately led my body to the brink of disrepair. My foray into the healing world was when I first attended Punnu’s Anada Mandala Meditation course in 2014. At the time, I had distress in both my career and my relationships, but gradually I started focusing my energy inwards. To my surprise, by putting weight on my own well being, my body and frame of mind began changing for the better. I finally felt like a heavy fog had been lifted from my life, showing me that such a small shift in mindset can relieve so much pressure in all aspects. Then, in 2015 I stumbled upon Reiki through the good whims of a friend. Coincidentally, it was at that particular moment in time when Punnu began his fundamental course to Reiki, which I soon signed up for. And I’m eternally grateful that I had made that choice. Not only did Reiki instil an appreciative nature in me, but also taught me how to break down walls to areas in my life that I had previously thought inaccessible. My abilities to perceive the world were awakened in many ways, allowing me to become more in-tune with the worldly energy, and to use that energy to mend woes. For instance, after my mother had undergone surgery, I aimed to heal her through the Reiki I had learned; almost wondrously, she began to feel a warm energy continually tending to her wounds. Slowly but surely, the existing pain subsided and brought about calmness in her. I feel very blessed to have been able to complete this entire Reiki curriculum, and will use everything I’ve learned to further nourish the living beings around me.

Shirley Lee, Taiwan, January, 2018

From my first visit, Bali has had a very special place in my heart – Ubud especially. During my stay in August 2017 I attended Punnu’s meditation classes. I have made space for a regular meditation practice in my life, but I have never experienced anything of the power of the space Punnu created and held for us. I knew that I was venturing to Ubud that time in search of healing. I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome earlier in the year and had gone 12 months without a menstrual cycle. In my first group class with Punnu, I had a profoundly intense, highly emotional but deep cleansing experience. I felt major energetic shifts in my lower abdomen, with fire working & bubbling sensations to follow afterwards. When I woke up the next morning, I had my period. I could not believe it! Incredibly I have had a cycle every month since and I believe that Punnu>’s meditation guidance was instrumental in bringing about a release of emotional pain that was manifesting itself physically in my body. I enjoyed two private sessions with Punnu afterwards and I cannot recommend his service enough. His warmth & intuition as a spiritual teacher is remarkable. His influence has followed me beyond Ubud and led me directly to heal some instrumental relationships in my family and in my life, that now bring us all great joy. Thank you Punnu, you have enriched my life more than you could know! I look forward to when our paths cross again in the future.

Megan Cooper, Australia, February, 2018

I met Punnu at a time when old negative habits had forced a change in my life. The lessons that he taught me both individually and in his group workshops can take a large responsibility for fantastic changes in my way for thinking and the path that lies ahead of me. Thank you Punnu, I hope everyone can have the same opportunity to learn from you in the same profound and divine way.

Richard Nehme, UK, March, 2016

Dear Punnu, I wanted to write to you to thank you. You’ve changed my life. The healing sessions I had with you as well as the meditation have helped me to shift from living unconsciously to living with love, joy, trust and compassion. My word for 2018 is abundance, you have shown me that abundance can be a reality in all areas of my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me from darkness to light, you are my Guru. Thank you and god bless you, you saved my life.

Deepa Dosaja, Kenya, June, 2018

Dear Punnu, A friend of mine recommended to me your Ananda Mandala meditation class, which was a very powerful experience and full of sensations. Your guidance was supportive and your humour helped myself and others relax and really benefit from this meditation. I felt a strong energy moving trough my body and learned more about opening up my chakras. After the first meditation class you told me that you were going to offer a Reiki level 1 course. As a Shiatsu practitioner, Reiki could benefit my healing sessions and because I do not believe in coincidence I felt strongly to attend your training. And without any regret! It was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to using it in my daily practice with Shiatsu. If you are teaching a Reiki level 2 course in the second half of 2016 please sign me up! Thank you very much for the gifts you gave me.

Michel van de Logt, The Netherlands, May, 2016

I participated to the Oneness Awakening course with Punnu and it was extremely powerful. This is what I call a transformational experience. As he shared about his life stories, and through his behaviour, Punnu created an intimate and supportive group dynamic, a sacred place for authenticity, vulnerability, healing and growing. I was particularly sensitive to the inner integrity meditation, and to the parents relationship healing meditation. I cried a lot and it felt so good. This training helps me to continue on my path towards a meaningful life I create, connected to the divine, a life in which my heart guides me – not my ego. I am also very happy to be able to share the Oneness light and love energy through giving the Deeksha blessing. Thank you Punnu for the transmission of this wise knowledge and for creating space for me to transform and grow. I would definitely recommend this very powerful journey… it is very important I think to arrive with an open mind and heart, and be willing for transformation!

Julia Guerin, France, March, 2016

It was no coincidence that I participated in your Kirtan Academy, that’s for sure. From the very first moment I was so touched and overwhelmed. I was so happy that I made the decision to join your 5-day training.

The group was very special and all the teachers were so professional and lovely. Also you Punnu & Catherine supported me so much and I felt very safe. I have never been to such an amazing workshop, with so much passion and love put together and I could really feel the high level of energy & love. This is magical work you’re doing. This training made such an impact on me and I had such a magical time.

Further I learned a lot during these 5 days and am looking forward to continuing this path.

I’m trying to keep that energy that I experienced with you all and I have the feeling this was only the beginning of a superb journey.

Although I had no knowledge about how to play harmonium, the experience of the whole group and also the support of the advanced players helping other students was very new for me and I learned a lot also from them.

Have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020.

Blessings, Love, Missings, a big Hug & Namaste


Sat Sri Akaal my dear brother Punnu

I want to express my deepest gratitude and love to you for the journey you took me on in the 200 hour Meditation Teacher Training, opening my heart, getting me out of my mind, connecting with my higher self and my Divine. I feel so blessed and immensely grateful that our paths crossed and the Universe showed me the path to you. I had some phenomenal shifts and my heart has healed from past wounds, Punnu you have changed my life.

Throughout the training I had positive signs that my vibrational frequency was rising and reaching an expanded state of higher consciousness. Working with our energy system, chakras and kundalini energy, I had some intense experiences where I had very powerful, euphoric, blissful sensations running through my body.  You showed us how to get out of our fears and find courage to visit negative emotions and old suppressed wounds and traumas, some dating back to young childhood and took us on a beautiful healing journey and safely brought us back. Those emotions no longer have a place in my body, mind and heart and when I think about them now they no longer have an emotional charge, so I can confidently say I feel truly healed from my past and feel positively different towards those experiences.

You are truly blessed and have an amazing gift. The journey was not easy for any of us especially you as our teacher holding space and giving us so much group and individual time. You laughed with us and cried with us and took us on a very deep beautiful healing journey through all the meditations, sometimes very painful but at the same time took us out of the pain and showed us joy and happiness and how to be at peace, how to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves.

I am blown away with your teachings, knowledge, wisdom, from all the holy scriptures and Vedic philosophy and the love you have for your passion and humanity for raising consciousness, changing peoples lives and having that ripple effect in changing the world, bringing more love, compassion and peace to our Mother Earth. You have now given us the experience and the tools for changing peoples lives through meditation so we too can have the ripple effect, teach more and more people the power of meditation and spread more love, peace and compassion and raise collective consciousness.

You are an Earth Angel and your beautiful soulful voice singing Kirtan and chanting the mantras and sound healing took me to what felt like heaven on Earth each day.

I have done a lot of courses and a lot of personal development work on myself for many years but nothing as deep and intense as the 200 hour Active Consciousness Meditation Teacher Training, it’s in a different league and took me on a very deep spiritual journey. Thank you for raising my new state of consciousness, reconnecting me with my soul, which has reignited my fire and brought my inner child to life! 

I can’t thank you enough for being you and showing your authenticity and sharing your vulnerability with us and I hope you felt the love from each and everyone of us.

I am writing this testimonial 6 weeks later and back in my old life but as a new person and I still feel the benefits and the life changing paradigm shift my life has gone through from the training.  I feel oneness with my mind, body and soul and can truly say that the whole experience was a spiritual awakening which has changed my life, I am in a state of peace, calm and happiness.

The same for Catherine and Milda, they were awesome too, giving us so much love, support and holding space for each of us.

I look forward to doing the advanced training with you soon.

May Waheguru bless you and Catherine with so much love, joy, happiness, peace and good health.

Love you so much Punnu.

Love, light and blessings!


I had a fantastic experience in Punnu’s meditation class – the breathing work was very intense but it was exactly what I needed, and it was more than worth it by the end. In the days leading up to this meditation class I had been focused on opening my heart chakra, after having discovered in another meditation class that there were some blocks there. During this breathing practice, as the energy reached my heart area and I held the breath in, I experienced a powerful feeling of release and much of the tension in my whole body dissipated – here I knew I had broken through some of the significant blockages around my heart, if not all of them. At one point, the energy was rising up into my face and eyes, this was very intense and I opened my eyes, looking directly at Punnu – he calmly looked back providing reassurance and said “Keep your eyes closed!” Haha. At the end of the meditation I felt completely at peace, and I was overcome with wonder and gratitude for getting to be a part of this miracle. I put my hands over my heart and was intensely aware of the holiness of all of creation – normally I wouldn’t use a term like “holy” but it is the only way I can describe it. I clasped my hands together and bowed deeply to the “God” that is everything. When Punnu came around the circle to bless me, suddenly humour entered my consciousness and I began laughing for no reason at all – several other people around me were laughing with joy as well. The only other time I’d experienced something like this was under the influence of consciousness-altering substances – here the state was the same, but without the need for anything external, just my own breath and Punnu’s blessing. I experienced bliss, feelings of complete oneness and a near total lack of self – I was filled with love and gratitude for everything around me and for the incredible gift of getting to take part in all of this. I wasn’t the only one either – people were crying, laughing, and one man actually said he had had the most powerful experience of his life. Needless to say I would recommend Punnu’s meditation class to anyone interested in spirituality, personal growth, or in having the types of experiences I have described. Thanks Punnu and I will be back again soon!

Aaron N, Canada, March, 2016

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