What makes your heart beat faster? ... Do more of that!

June 24 & 25, 2023
AthaYoga in Zollikon & Zurich

Let's feel the magic that makes our hearts beat faster, our feet jump and our bodies blossom!

Join a remarkable group of yoga and meditation teachers, musicians, speakers, and participants for a transformational weekend at the Heart Beat Yoga Festival.

We will spice up our asana practice, we will breathe, move and dance together and invite the beats of our hearts to dissolve our fears so we can live bravely, connected and awake.

Our heart aim is to create a space of transformation, unity, awareness and celebration!

During these 2 days we will dive deep into the different dimensions of yoga and healing, with unique yoga & meditation sessions of different styles, challenging and gentle classes, interesting lectures and talks, sound healings, kirtan and much more.


Ticket Prices

2 days: CHF 140 incl. Xtatic Kirtan Night
1 day: CHF 90
Xtatic Kirtan Night: CHF 25

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Get in touch with your inner explorer, discover new ideas, make new friends for life, sing and dance your heart out... and so much more... Adventure awaits...

Heart Beat Yoga Festival