Bhakti Bliss Fest

Bhakti Bliss: Meditation, Yoga, Music, Dance Festival

June 15 - 18, 2023

Immerse yourselves in a blissed-out experience by exploring or diving deeper into various eastern and western holistic healing modalities for body, mind & soul at Bhakti Bliss Fest.

Since its inception in 2019, Bhakti Bliss Fest has brought together practitioners of various eastern and western holistic healing modalities from around the world to explore, connect, share and celebrate life and the ancient tradition of Bhakti which means love and devotion.

Bhakti Bliss Fest brings together the power of silence, meditation, yoga, music, dance, healing, community, a lot of fun and other mindful and focused activity in a fantastic and breath-taking natural setting surrounded by expansive mountains and valleys, lush forests that roll out in every direction from the gorgeous resort, an unspoilt lake, and river.

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Your music at bhakti fest was transformational. What a blessing to share your gift. Thank you!

Lisa Saul, USA, 2011