Bollywood Bhangra Dance

Enjoy Bollywood Bhangra Dance In Baliwood

Sing – Dance – Listen and set yourself free!

Enjoy an authentic high-energy live band and dance the evening away with a blend of Sufi touch and instrumentation.

Experience a true Bollywood Bhangra Sling.

Savour the flavour of an Indian Bollywood Night with Punnu Wasu and Band, bringing Bollywood to Baliwood!

Listen, sing, dance, and frolic to the songs of Bollywood. The enduring Hindi cinematic motif of pop Indian culture inspired by a combination of Sufi, classical Indian and modern music.

Bhangra is a lively form of folk music and dance that originated in Punjab in Northern India. During Bhangra dancing we use Punjabi Boliyaan, a multitude of high-pitched lyrics, along with dhol & dholak drums, flutes and other exotic instruments to create the unique sound that is used in popular modern Indian Cinema, otherwise known as Bollywood movies.

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